by Ezekiel Ox

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Ezekiel Ox has never been one to mince his words. From an early age, he learnt that when we see injustice, we point it out, and fight it. He is not a man on the sidelines. Ox fights through his music and poetry but also through his actions on the street as a busker and activist and a voice in and for the community and country he lives in.

Every musical project he has fronted, has acted as a vehicle for protest lyrics and been used as a platform to inform and incite. His solo music career so far has been short, but no different.

His brand new single, Policeman, is a protest song in his own, and a long line of other artists' traditions (think Rage Against the Machine's "Killin' in the Name", N.W.A's "Fuck the Police" and Public Enemy's "Fight The Power"). Controversial, and hard to hear for some, his lack of patience with Police brutality, racism and corruption is laid bare in this jam.

Once again the track is crafted using only beat-box, loop station and vocals. The lyrical content is barbed, pointed, Zeke having witnessed and experienced first hand Police violence on the streets of Melbourne, Perth, LA and Brisbane. Ezekiel has performed and spoken at protest rallies against Police Violence against Indigenous people and spreads the word about the failed Aboriginal genocide in his spoken word shows.

The track is the second part of the Double A-Side release (also featuring "The Past, Present and Future").


It's been said before, but I'm gonna say it again
The copper on the beat isn't anyone's friend
They the ones who stand the line for corporate mutts
And the government that's killing refugees instead of helping them up
Bringing guns and violence to the protest
Busy murdering the the blacks instead of serve and protect
Smoke pot? They're looking to arrest you
Born a human being, that's the best they can do?
They got busy stealing black mobs kids
They protecting the silence while we're lifting the lid
Their history is disgrace and the history don't lie
They murdered Tyler Cassidy in in Melbourne one night
Following orders?
Well here's a big fuck you!
12 years of schooling, and that's the best you can do?
It's not our fault you aced the fuckwit test
Pointing fingers at the people just to feather your nest

P.I.G spells policeman
Standing with their guns on stolen land

Pathetic, is the word that springs to mind,
You take tax payers money then accuse them of crime
Your bosses got form of corruption and lies
Check your own backyard before you walk into mine
They say a few bad apples may have spoilt the bunch
But the whole orchards rotten from the back to the front
Face facts, cops are racist as shit,
Hating on the blackfellas, killing their kids
No explaining, no saving face
These badge wearing suckers they're just stinking up the place
They wouldn't need a weapon if they weren't out to hurt you
Attacking workers pickets, how fucking dare you
At least these days they be wearing the high vis
It's never been a better time to get the drop on a pig

So when you push us in numbers we'll be pushing you back,
Take off the uniform and quit and we can welcome you back
But until such time, you'd better watch your back,
Cause there's more of us than you when we decide to fight back,

And before you start up about it being a hard job,
Go buy the Murdoch press and they can back you up
The Australian Police have left a trail of dead,
And Aboriginies are just statistics to them
They chose the job,
They chose the gun,
They dish out out so they can suck it up,
Respect is earned and they ain't got mine
So excuse me for a minute while we sing this line,

P.I.G spells policeman
Standing with their guns on stolen land


released May 15, 2014
All sounds made by Ezekiel Ox with Vocals.

Written, recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Ezekiel Ox

Artwork by Tim Price/Anon



all rights reserved


Ezekiel Ox Melbourne, Australia


“Why this guy isn’t a world famous rock n roll star, taking his message, which he delivers with a stylish sledgehammer, to the whole world, I do not know.” Heavy Magazine

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