The Past, Present and Future

by Ezekiel Ox

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The debut solo single, written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Ezekiel Ox.

The front-man of the defunct Full Scale, Mammal and The Ox and The Fury, as well as current bands The Nerve and Over-Reactor has finally gone solo after years of support from friends and colleagues. His first single sees him creating a new sonic space with just his vocals and effects in his arsenal.

This track "The Past, Present and Future" is a mission statement for anyone who already knows about Ox's legacy and a wake up call to those who don't.

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The silver fox dubbed "Dodger" calls it a Bunsen burner,
I took a can of red paint and gave you Tina Turner,
You see the spots on the globe that I’ve been to already,
But my mind is set firm on the spots left empty,

When I experience culture, it's the people that move me,
I’ve taken bands most times, some of them lied then sued me,
Didn’t matter weather Mammals in a Full Scale Fury,
I’ve got cheered by the mob, and booed by the jury,
And now it’s come to my attention some have spoke in whispers,
Tried to tarnish my brand, to make my legacy blister
I just broke on through to the other side
As I hurtle ‘tward the gig, ride grooves and tides,

See I’ve developed an obsession, called rhythm and rhyme,
I’ve even enveloped my audience with signs of the time,
Maybe you’ve bore witness or your finding out now,
Many paid me for a shirt and screamed my lyrics from the crowd,

From the couch I’m pondering, develop crude,
Refining on a style called organic soul food,
I’m not scared of the and zeros or the ones anymore,
I’ve found a model I can harness, leave the rest at the door,
As seen smashing TVs in mirror ball hats,
Trying to raise a little fire lest I slip through the cracks,
The land that we dwell is an occupied crime,
It’s the red, black, yellow gonna thrive and survive,

I'm the past the present and the future,
Sick and tired on ya knees? Maybe justice suits ya?

See I’m a future soldier in a right wing world,
Where the women shave and pluck until they look like girls,
While my words might be a bit intense for some,
It’s the philosophy version of being made to cum,
Shove your badge, Drop that gun,
There are children hereabouts and we’re uncomfortably numb,

I'm the past the present and the future,
Sick and tired on ya knees? Maybe justice suits ya?

It’s the folk, the rock, the hip-hop blues,
It’s a brand new way to try and light the fuse,
Gimme shelter, a meal, a group to preach,
Watch ‘em swelter, squirm, let the history teach,
Struggle, loss and the end of sin,
Standing proud in the street with a world to win,
You can vote all you want but they’ll still get in,
Take you presence of mind and let the dreamtime in,
I did not come to beg,
I did not come to bow,
I have come here to slaughter every sacred cow,
Cause you’re world not your country is turning into a cell,
You're waiting for a heaven on the outskirts of hell,
Rip the medal from the chest,
Ring the liberty bell,
Hear the words of the masses,
We've got a story to tell,

I'm the past the present and the future,
Sick and tired on ya knees? Maybe justice suits ya?


released February 24, 2014
Written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Ezekiel Ox.



all rights reserved


Ezekiel Ox Melbourne, Australia


“Why this guy isn’t a world famous rock n roll star, taking his message, which he delivers with a stylish sledgehammer, to the whole world, I do not know.” Heavy Magazine

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